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This is a premium platform for Nigerians and Africans seeking a second country citizenship. The Residency International is designed to help that dream come true with ease.

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Welcome to Residency Int’l

Residency International is a subsidiary of SIMPLI INTERNATIONAL. An immigration, culture and tour company.

The Residency International Program was birthed from the alliance between Simpli International and Pardee & Partners Malta. A law firm that focuses on immigration and settlement. Representing the government of Malta.

Discover Malta

Your address for Personal & Business stability in the EU. The Residency and Visa Programme of The Republic of Malta



Malta Residency & Visa Program
This program allows you move with your family to Malta as a new citizen on Malta

Investment Program

MRVP Investment Program
This gives you the opportunity to buy properties and invest in Malta Economy

Tour Malta

Standard VISA Program
Get a Maltese visa with ease and within 2 weeks of application. 99% Success rate.

Book for a private consultation appointment with Dr. J. Pirotta, Dr. Arthur Azzorpardy, Mark Sultana representatives from Malta and Bruno Eke

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